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Maid Agency: Assured Employment Services Pte Ltd
Type: Transfer
Rest Day Pref.: 1 rest days per month

Mae Darline is 29 years old. She is transfer maid. She can be interviewed in person.

She has experience in Phillippines for 3 years taking care Children. She handle all general housekeeping, cooking, washing, take care 1yo & 6yo children, send and pick up them to/from school, teach them, ironing and etc.

Besides that, she experience taking care 60yo Ah Kong who is paralysis and weak. She is required to shower him, feeding, change diapers, preparing the food, and etc.

She worked for a Chinese family for almost 1 year. She fully manage all household chores, marketing, etc.

She is a patient and cheerful person.

She can cook Filipino food and simple Chinese food such as chicken rice, fried noodle, fried fbeehun, curry chicken, etc. She is able to follow the recipes book if given from employer.

She wish to work in Singapore to support her family's future and herself.

Single (29 yrs)
Ref: JT2913-F
Upd on 17-Nov-18
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