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Lovely is 28 years old. She is single with 2 kids aged of 4yo & 6yo. She taking care her own children. She is a transfer maid.

She has experience in Phillippines and Saudi Arabia. She can handle newborn baby and young children. Because she loved to take care baby and children. She is a patient, caring and responsible person. She can follow instruction properly and according to the standard of employer.

Besides that, she can cook some Arabic food and Filipino food. She wants to learn more dishes if employer given opportunity.

She is a cheerful and kind person.

She look forward to work in Singapore as to support her both young children for a better education.

Single (28)
Ref: JT3469-F
Upd on 18-Aug-18

Adik Suheni is 43 years old, married and has 2 grown up children age 20 and 18 years old. She is a transfer maid.

She has 2 years of experience worked for a Chinese employer in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Her main duty is take care of Ah Mah. She also does all household chores such as cleaning house, sweeping//mopping floor, laundry, ironing, cooking, etc.

She can cook Indonesian food and Chinese food.

She can interview in person.

She is willing to learn and is prepared to work more than 2 years in Singapore.

Widowed (43)
Ref: MA3712-I
Upd on 18-Aug-18
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